Ashgrove Dental technology
Ashgrove Dental Clinic


For patients with severe gag reflexes, impression free crowns and veneers are now possible. Dr. Fearon employs a computer adapted camera to photograph preparations within the mouth thus abolishing the need for a traditional impression which many patients find uncomfortable, especially those with a severe gag reflex. Information from the inter-oral scans taken by Dr. Fearon are then transferred to a milling machine unit where crowns and veneers can be fabricated on site, reducing the time required for laboratory fabrication, transportation etc. Crowns and veneers can be made within the same day thus completely abolishing the need for temporary crowns.


Dr. Fearon also works under the magnification of an operating microscope proving 8 times magnification. The attention to detail achieved by using the microscope, ensures that the ultimate fit of the final restoration is superior to restorations made without the aid of a microscope.


Ashgrove uses the latest Dental Technology and Dr. Fearon has his own laboratory at Ashgrove Dental Clinic where denture repairs can be made on the day.

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