General Dentist Fillings
Ashgrove Dental Clinic


Do you fall into 1 of the following 4 categories?

  • Anxious, nervous, phobic about dentistry
  • Previous bad experience
  • Find any experience of dental treatment uncomfortable
  • Family member with special needs or mild handicap

Then sedation may be a preferred option for you.


At Ashgrove Dental Clinic, Dr. Fearon is the resident Dental Sedationist. The two advantages of attending a Dental Sedationist are cost and time. As Dr Fearon is qualified to carry out the sedation himself, there is no additional anaesthetist fee. A non-sedation trained dentist, wishing to provide treatment with sedation, would need to employ the services of an anaesthetist. In addition, public services for Dental Sedation are scarce, resulting in extremely long waiting times.



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