Removable partial dentures provide a cost effective and simple solution to replace missing teeth. Sometimes treatment with dental implants or bridge work is not possible and therefore a removable partial denture becomes the treatment of choice.
If several teeth remain in the mouth, they can be used to retain a removable denture using cast alloy clips which are precision-made to fit comfortably around the remaining teeth without causing any damage.  The replacement of teeth and parts of the denture which are visible during a full smile are all made of a reinforced acrylic to the highest aesthetic standards. The acrylic teeth are supported by an extremely thin and durable metal frame which provides the patient with comfort support and an extremely stable and predictable solution to replace missing teeth. The added advantage of a metal frame denture is that should another tooth require extraction in time, it can be easily added onto the denture.
Typically, it is not uncommon to see well-made metal frame dentures which can exceed 40 years in function.
Dr. Fearon has specialist training in this field and has provided education programmes for dentists and technicians in the fabrication of removable dentures.


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