Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Dr. Fearon’s fees different to a lot of the General Practitioners?
Dr Fearon worked in general practice for many years as part of his specialist training. He then embarked on a further 2 Masters degrees in Dentistry over a 5-year full time training program. During this time, he also became a faculty member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. Dr Fearon’s fees reflect his specialist training and ability as a specialist in Prosthodontics. The standards provided by Dr Fearon are expedientially higher than when he himself was in a general practice and his fees reflect this.
What is a cosmetic dentist?
Firstly ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is not regarded as a dental specialty. Many dentists call themselves cosmetic dentists, however, the title does not exist within any realms of dental specialism. Anyone can call themselves a cosmetic dentist, however, the only people with the right to call themselves specialists in Cosmetic Dentistry are those who have undergone a dedicated programme in Prosthodontics. Dr Fearon is a specialist trained Prosthodontist.
Who should provide Dental Implants treatment?
Although the Dental Council of most European countries allow all dentists to provide dental implant treatment, some countries are now beginning to realise that a dental implant register should be set up. This is a register of professionals who have undergone specialist training in implant dentistry. The main reason for the implant register is that when dental implants go wrong, it can cause catastrophic results to the patient.
How often should I brush my teeth?
You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Once in the morning and before you go to bed.
Should I fast if I am having ‘sedation’ as part of my treatment?
You don’t need to fast before sedation, we recommend only having something light 2 hours before a procedure.
Is a manual or electric toothbrush better?
Both are as good as each other, once used correctly.
How often should I floss?
Every day!


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