Tooth coloured (composite) fillings

A “composite restoration” is a tooth coloured filling-material used to restore cavities or chipped teeth.

Dr. Fearon travelled to Milan to study advanced composite techniques under the tutelage of the world-renowned Dr Lorenzo Vannini.

We utilise tooth coloured restorations that give you back a natural smile when a front tooth is in need of restoration. Our tooth coloured restorations come in a large range of shades to maximise aesthetics.

Alloy (amalgam) fillings

Tooth coloured (composite) fillings are not recommended for certain situations e.g. if a back tooth has a very large cavity, a composite filling may not be strong enough to withstand the heavy forces placed onto back teeth during chewing cycles. Under these circumstances, metal alloy (amalgam) fillings or crowns may be more appropriate for a long lasting, durable restoration.


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