Do you fall into 1 of the following categories?

• Anxious, nervous or have a dental phobia
• Previous bad experience/unpleasant memories from childhood
• Find any experience of dental treatment uncomfortable
• Family member with special needs or disability
• Have a strong gag reflex

Then sedation may be a preferred option for you.
Conscious sedation is a safe and effective way to help alleviate and control anxiety making dental treatment more comfortable for the patient. Both Dr Fearon and Dr Webb have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation at Dublin Dental University Hospital and have more than 10 year’s experience using various sedation techniques. 

Types of Conscious Sedation at Ashgrove Dental Clinic

The dentist will carry out a thorough assessment and advise which technique is appropriate for you. We offer intravenous, inhalation and oral conscious sedation in the practice in accordance with the Irish Dental Council’s Code of Practice in Relation to the Administration of General Anaesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry.  Dr Fearon and Dr Webb are qualified to carry out sedation and dental treatment at the same time, with no additional anaesthetist fee. A non-sedation trained dentist, wishing to provide treatment with sedation, would need to employ the services of an anaesthetist. In addition, public services for Dental Sedation are scarce, resulting in extremely long waiting times.

1 Intravenous (IV) Sedation (over 16 years only)

Most types of dental treatment can be carried out using IV sedation, from simple cleaning to complex dentistry including implant placement. A small cannula is placed in the back of your hand or inside the elbow area and the sedative is administered. The patient is monitored carefully throughout. 

2 Inhalation Sedation (suitable for children from 5 years up and adults)

Inhalation sedation involves breathing a mixture of gases (Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide) through a soft nosepiece. A certain level of co-operation is required in order to achieve maximum benefit. Inhalation sedation not only provides sedation but also has a pain relief effect. Inhalation sedation is safe and suitable for most patients.

3 Oral Sedation (0ver 16 years only)

Oral medication may be prescribed to you if deemed appropriate at the assessment visit. 


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