Dr Fearon is a “Prosthodontist”, which is a dentist who has specialist training in the following:

• Advanced Crown
• Veneer
• Bridgework
• Implant Dentistry
• Removable Dentures
• Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr Fearon has undertaken a 3-year specialist training programme in Prosthodontics.
Dr Fearon has also undertaken a 2-year specialist training programme in endodontics. An “Endodontist” is a dental surgeon who specialises in treating endodontic problems (endo-within, dontic-tooth). In general, this involves root canal treatment.
In 2009, Dr Fearon completed an 18-month post-graduate diploma in Dental Sedation at Trinity College Dublin, and is an accredited Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider. A sedationist is a dentist who has undergone a recognised training program in the administration of drugs which sedate anxious patients, or patients undergoing major dental treatment. Dr. Fearon successfully completed the first ever Diploma in conscious sedation from an Irish University (TCD 2010).
All nursing staff are also qualified in Basic Life Support (BLS).
Full recovery facilities are available and we are fully equipped to cater for medical emergencies.


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